Article of the month: Kratom


So what is kratom?

Kratom is documented as a substance that produces synchronized yet opposing effects. Uses report that they experience cocaine like stimulation and opium like sedation when they consume Kratom. Stimulating effects prevail mostly in low dose levels that are known to cause the user to become alert, become more energetic and experience mild euphoria.

On the other hand, a higher Kratom dose is tranquilizing and it causes the user to experience an opiate-like dreamy reverie. However, excessive doses are known to cause very severe nausea. Kratom in most cases is used as an alternative to opium and it is known to suppress symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal.

Just like its counterpart opium, Kratom is known to cause constipation and in some instances, it is used as a cure for diarrhea.

What are the most popular kratom effects?

Onset #

After an oral consumption, the effects of Kratom lick in between 15-20 minutes and the effects will clear out between 30-60 minutes. However, a stronger dose will always be more rapid and will have a more dramatic onset.

Duration #

A moderate Kratom dose is known to cause reverberating effects that will last between 2 to four hours; however, residual effects are known to last longer hours. Users have states that they do experience an afterglow the day after.


Visual Effects #

Visual effects include both open-eye and closed eye effects, however these effects are largely on the mild side when experienced. The effects recorded range from shifting, wavering as well as strobing in the visual field.

Strobing happens during patterning with eyes closed and also the increased closed-eye visualizations.

Required effects

The dosage used equals the effects of Kratom. Low dosage is known to cause stimulating effects, higher doses on the other hand makes the user experience something similar to opiates intake. This has been proven in both the human being and certain animals.


The dosage determination centering on the borderlines of stimulating, analgesic and toxic dosages is quite difficult. It has been proven that Mitragynine carries an additional cough alleviating, diarrhea relieving effect and anti-nociceptive that can be compared to codeine.

The strength of the effect is dependent on the Kratom quality. Normal low dosage is less than 5g and a higher dosage intake is more than 20g. In most case scenarios, the effects suffered are compared to those of opiates that are mainly subjective assessments.

It is reported that effects kick in after ten to 20 minutes and increase upwards of an hour after an oral application. Primary effects last between 3 to 6 hours. The stimulating and sedating effect experienced last quite a bit longer.

Side effects

Kratom use leads users to suffer side effects among them, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Rare side effects include: the like of nystagmus and trembling count. Chronic users experience significant loss of appetite and weight, they suffer from hyperpigmentation, constipation, pass out small amounts of dark stool, dry mouth, frequent urinations and will more than suffer from psychoses.



Weight loss is connected to reduce 2-deoxy D-glucose a stimulated stomach production that is closely followed by appetite loss. Kratom users who consume this product for a long term will more than suffer from addiction symptoms.

1957 was the year when Thuan documented the first case of a man that was a Kratom addict. The man never increased his consumption and his psyche and health were in good order. After having stopped Kratom use, he went through withdrawal symptoms like; aggressions, jerky movements, sadness, muscle pain, running nose and bone pain.

In 1988 a study done by Jansen and Prast put bodily withdrawal symptoms to last between four to five days and disappears completely afterwards.

Kratom in accordance to Micromedex Poisindex from a 50mg pure Mitragynine dosage on toxic is known to evoke motor excitability, nausea, face convulsions, tongue and other extremities such as being unable to keep balance with feet put side by side and keeping eyes closed.

Studies done on mice that were fed by 920gm back in 1072 showed no toxic signs.

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